this is the death of beauty
+kaity. minnesota.
you have to learn to despise people on a personal level. not because they're red, or because they're blue, but because ya know them, and you see them every single day. and you can't stand them, because they're a complete and total fucking douchebag.
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honestly if you haven’t listened to twenty one pilots yet this is your sign from the universe (and a teenage blogger hyped up on 21p) telling you to go give ‘em a listen

reddolt: I'm downloading twenty one pilots albums now bc of that song dammit kaity


listen to ruby it’s so perfect

and kitchen sink?? and car radio?? and forest?? they’re all wonderful

in other news my friend was walking in front of school and was about to get on her school bus and a guy ran by and ripped her phone out of her hand and stole it??
and all we know is he had dreads and was in a blue shirt and today was America day for homecoming week so everybody was wearing blue and red??? so it’s practically impossible to identify him

house of gold is a perfect song for ruby and yang if you switch around some words

she asked me, “sis when I grow old
will you buy me a house of gold?
and when our father turns to stone
will you take care of me?”
i will make you queen of everything you see
i’ll put you on the map
i’ll cure you of disease
let’s say we up and left this town
and turned our future upside down
we’ll make pretend that you and me
lived ever after happily

update on our sesame street homecoming (I can’t fuckin let it go)
the seniors (cookie monster) have a slogan that’s something along the lines of OUR GUYS ARE COOL OUR GIRLS ARE FINE SENIOR CLASS IS 6+9
and it’s on a gigantic poster in the commons
at this point I think this was their goal the entire time

reddolt: do you think anyones ever thought of weiss/ruby/blake poly bc I have

i know i’ve heard a name for it but i can’t think of it omg

bumblebug is ruby/blake/yang and bee’s schnees is blake/weiss/yang but i don’t know that one

edit: apparently it’s newspaper!

is there anything better than when twenty one pilots addresses the listener as friend?



twenty one pilots is the kind of band you listen to when you’re sad and instead of making you more sad they make you think about your sadness and help you feel empowered by your ability to live w/ the sadness



"He felt bad about not doing the X-Ray and Vav thing, he had to spear Gavin’s hole directly to make up for it."

still not over this omg