so. booker = church, comstock = the director, and elizabeth is dearest carolina?

i’m going to cry because a bioshock au would work so easily for the churches it’s distressing

Tue, 22nd April   19


an animal not wanting me petting it hurts more than any anon ever could

Tue, 22nd April   47193



jon risinger makes my heart beat faster

That’s called tachycardia. Go see a doctor and stop blaming me.

Tue, 22nd April   993
I think the Church you need is the one of Jesus. Amen and hallejuah.

Tue, 22nd April   3
Tue, 22nd April   1460

keeping the churches memorized is so stressful even for a long time fan like me though

like sometimes i forget there are so many leonard churches or that a certain character is technically a church too by marriage or birth or whatever fuckery this show has going on like

who even is “church” anymore

am i church

we’re all church

Tue, 22nd April   4


Come On Now!

Tue, 22nd April   192



It’s the end of Red vs Blue.

Church gets deleted.

The last shot is seen through his eyes, at a dark silhouette nobody else can see.

Screen goes black.

“I told you, you’d see me again, Leonard.”


Tue, 22nd April   889


Classy as Fuck: with Arryn Zech

Tue, 22nd April   183

everybody’s talking about how they want john marshall reed (aka director leonard church) to voice various rwbydads and i’m just like

make him voice all the dads with different voices and then have the dads interact

Tue, 22nd April   9